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[linux-lvm] Import LVM2 config from existing disk array?

(I know this is slightly off-topic for this list, but I figured since there are lots of SuSE experts here too it was worth a shot <G>)

I just converted a server over to SLES9 from another distro. This server has a QLogic FC card, attached to an external array.

I had created a single PV on the array (no partition table, the whole disk), and a VG using that PV.

When I attach the array to the SLES9 server, and go into the YaST2 LVM tool, it shows the volume group and it's volumes, but only partially. It has no idea what PVs the VG consists of, what the size is, etc. and the VG is not started automatically on boot. This may be because nothing was setup in the YaST2 Partitioner for this VG/PV, but I don't want to do anything there for fear that it will be destructive.

How can I get the YaST2 LVM tool to "import" the configuration of the existing PV/VG/LVs, so that it can be managed normally from that point forward?

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