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[linux-lvm] No volume groups found at boot


I have

LVM version:     2.01.04 (2005-02-09)
Library version: 1.01.00-ioctl (2005-01-17)
Driver version:  4.1.0

with two working volume groups on an AMD64 Athlon running kernel version
2.6.8 (root backup) (gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-12)) #1 Fri May 13
08:54:18 EDT 2005 with Debian sarge.

The problem is that /etc/init.d/lvm doesn't find the volume groups at
boot, thus /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh (the next script) stops for
maintenance because it can't find the volumes.

The disks are SATA and all nicely recongized before the init-lvm script
starts (by enforcing the loading of their drivers in /etc/modules).

After boot, I can do "vgscan" and "vgchange -a y", finding the volumes no
problem and can mount them as well.

The strangest thing is when I insert a "/sbin/sulogin $CONSOLE" right

/sbin/vgchange -a y $IGNORELOCKINGFAILURES

in /etc/init.d/lvm and do vgscan and vgchange manually, it works fine.

So what is the difference in between running a command from a script in
/etc/rcS.d/ and mannually from command line?


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