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RE: [linux-lvm] "pvchange --uuid" failed when PV is in use

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Subject: [linux-lvm] "pvchange --uuid" failed when PV is in use


I tried to "pvchange --uuid /dev/sdc1" to change of PV UUID.
But FAILED to change PV UUID on PV metadata, only changed on VG
metadata. I'm trying to correct source code, please help.

When PV is orphan, "pvchange --uuid /dev/sdc1" changes PV UUID
successfully. At this time, pvchange calls pv_write(). But when PV is in
use by VG, pvchange only calls vg_write(), pv_write() is not called.

vg_write() does not have function to change PV metadata.
Therefore, probably pvchange needs to call pv_write() to write UUID into
PV metadata. But pv_write() is forbidden to call when PV is in use by
VG. LV is not mounted... Even if there was no LV, it failed.

Please teach me why it is forbidden.
If there is a method of allowing pv_write(), I want to try it.

BTW, I want to activate VG on raw-level duplicated PV. I look for this
ML. When edit lvm.conf and "pvchange --uuid" and vgrename, it turned out
that it is possible. However, if pvchange does not function correctly,
there is no how to adopt a measure.

Best Regards,

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