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[linux-lvm] LVM with Powerpath - incompatibility


I have a CX300 Clariion and a x445 IBM (4 processors and 4GB RAM) server equipped with 2 Emulex FibreChannel cards which are directly connected to the cx300's controllers.

My software config is as follows:

Redhat ES 3.0 with Kernel 2.4.21-20.ELsmp
PowerPath 4.3.1
LPFC 2.4 driver kit 7.2.4-1

I created 2LUNs on the cx300, and therefore I can see 4 sd devices on linux (2 on one path and 2 on the other). After installing PowerPath, I am able to access the LUNs via /dev/emcpowera1 and /dev/emcpowerb1 respectively.

But I cannot use LVM on these devices directly. However LVM works with /dev/sd* devices. I wish to use it with the PowerPath devices instead, so as to have dynamic multipathing.

I also tried to install Veritas Volume Manager; no luck, the eval version was compiled for kernel.2.4.xx-Hugemem - which is not my present kernel. I have incompatibility problems because PowerPath 4.3.1 requires at kernel 2.4.21-15 or 2.4.21-20.

Is there someone who had the same type of problem? Any tip on how to make LVM run with PowerPath devices?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


Hantzley Tauckoor
Project Manager
Telecom Plus Ltd

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