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[linux-lvm] timeout problem

Hello list,

I have an experimental mediapartition built like this:
-  a reiserfs partition on lvm
-  the lvm resides on 8 ide disks
-  the ide drives are kept in a spun down state using hdparm

When I access a file the required drives spin up. This can take a long
time, since several drives might need to spin up in sequence, so what
happens is I get an I/O error.

the next time I try to access the partition, the drives are spun up,
so theres no problem.

I havent been able to find the relevant timout parameter.

The docs for LVM1 mentions a timout parameter on lvchange, but this
seems gone in LVM2. 

Also I'm not exactly shure if it even is a LVM2 partition.
It was created a long time ago, and migrated to Fedora core 3
recently. It seems like the lvm2 tools are compatible with the lvm1 i

Sorry for the confusion, any hints deeply apreciated.

Joakim Verona

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