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[linux-lvm] Snapshot weirdness


I'm building a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup appliance here, and decided that for maximum flexibility I'd use LVM2 (mainly because of its snapshot feature and the ability to hot-add disks and extend volumes seamlessly. Good stuff.)

Anyhow, I have a 600GB primary physical volume configured with a single logical volume utilizing 99% of the extents. I have the system set to take a snapshot every night so there's always a live copy of the data available for backup. Three such snapshots are used in rotation (the oldest snapshot is deleted and recreated as the newest); each occupy 25 extents. The problem is, after some time, I'll have a bunch of errors regarding the snapshot volumes spewed to the system logs and console. If I subsequently try and read from the filesystem, the kernel shuts the filesystem down (XFS feature).

This makes it rather inconvenient to back up a snapshot -- if I can't read it, it doesn't do me much good to have it. I'm basically using the snapshots read-only, and the filesystems are mounted as such, as well.

So, can anyone shed some insight on why I have self-corrupting filesystems on my snapshot volumes?

Thanks in advance.

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