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[linux-lvm] Missing 1 of 3 PVs and all partition tables are good

Hi all,

I'm in a pinch.  I've got about 500Gb of data trapped in a non-functioning VG...  Here's the deal:

I upgraded from FC3 to FC4, or tried to.  The whole update bombed out but during this time the LVM disks were unplugged from the system.  When I got the new system up on the old FS my LVM conf still appears to be in place.  I powered up the 3 drives and reset the system and I found the VG won't activate.
I did not export the volume first.  I realize now that this was a mistake.

I have 3 whole disks for this VG, each with 1 partition, type 8e, occupying the entire disk.  These are hdb1, hdc1, hdd1.

I'm noticing that an "fdisk -l" lists hdb, hdc, and hdd as all having partitions of type 8e from beginning to end of disk.  However, when I go into LVM and run "pvscan" I only see two PVs belonging to my VG "bloaty" and it shows:

PV /dev/hdc1   VG bloaty   lvm2 [111.78 GB / 0    free]
PV /dev/hdd1   VG bloaty   lvm2 [115.03 GB / 64.00 MB free]
Total: 2 [266.81 GB] / in use: 2 [226.81 GB] / in no VG: 0 [0   ]

LVM doesn't seem to notice /dev/hdb1?  It's a 232.88 Gb PV, how can this be?  And why isn't PVSCAN complaining about a missing PV?  It should be, shouldn't it?

When I perform a "lvmdiskscan" I get (the parenthesis outline my input):

/dev/hda1 [      101.94 MB]
(^^this is the /boot partition)
/dev/hdc1 [      111.79 GB] LVM physical volume
/dev/hda2 [       17.54 GB]
(^^this is the / partition)
/dev/hda3 [        1.00 GB]
(^^this is the swap partition)
/dev/hdb1 [      232.88 GB]
/dev/hdd1 [      115.04 GB] LVM physical volume

Is there some trick here I don't know about?  Do I have to restore the LVM conf?

I am stumped.  I'm pretty sure I'm not a newb, but I am definately not a wizard.  I've got my LPIC Level 1 cert if that means anything.

Heh, thanks for any help,

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