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Re: [linux-lvm] Hosed up arrays and LVM

Bill Ranck wrote:
It continues on like that with another volume group and different uuids.
I have /dev/md0 through /dev/md11 defined with md and some of those seem
OK, but md1, md2, md3, md4, md8, md9, md11 are not seen by vgscan.  I
tried pvcreate on those missing arrays, which made them visible, but LVM
does not recognize them as part of the volume groups they belong to
Can anyone suggest a course of action here?

ouch, you ran pvcreate on a volume which already had data on it? From all I've read, you had better have a good backup laying around, 'cause you may not be able to get that data back pvcreate, IIRC, wipes out the metadata ...

If you have the old UUIDs for the physical volumes, you may be able to write those back to the device using pvcreate -u <old-uuid> on each such PV, then try vgscan again.

but, as from the man page:

   You can not recreate (reinitialize)  a  physical  volume  belonging
   to  an existing  volume  group.

so, you may be out of luck. But, good luck anyways ...


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