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Re: [linux-lvm] One of 8 PVs dead - Trying to rescue data from remaining 7

Craig Hagerman wrote:
On 11/27/05, Old Fart <rascal jumper-747 cox net> wrote:
Craig Hagerman wrote:
On 10/31/05, Tom Robinson <tom robinson oxtel com> wrote:
I use raid 5 just for this problem.  Have dropped 2 of the 3 raid
devices and system keeps on truckin'.  You can hot add devices back in
and keep going while they sync.  Good luck.

Yeah, this would work with 3 discs, but doesn't answer the general
question about recovering data from a single LVM drive. In my 2 drive
system it wouldn't work. Any other ideas? I would assume that if one
drive failed it should be trivial to be able to access the information
on the remaining drive. If not, then I would be a lot safer going back
to a non-LVM system using the two drives as distinct partitions.


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Take a look at a 2 disk raid 1 array as a pv. I have seen that array degrade to 1 drive and the LV was ok.


Old Fart

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