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[linux-lvm] LVM1 -> LVM2 with failed disk

I've been running debian lvm10 on my machine because 2.4.22 didn't have
dm support and I couldn't figure out how to get the patches working.

I've since upgraded to 2.4.27 but never upgraded to lvm2. I do run in on
two other machines.

Of course, one of my disks died. In the past, I used the -P partial flag
to get the lvm to start so I could copy off my data from the "good" pv,
but under lvm10, I don't see that option.

What are my options. Can I upgrade from lvm10 to lvm2 with a failed
disk. The lvm doesn't start and while I can pvdisplay /dev/hda4 I cannot
vgdisplay or lvdisplay (obviously) since the vg isn't starting.

Can I put in a dummy drive, somehow tell lvm to pvcreate a pv on the new
drive with the same ID and then get the vg to come up?

Any other ideas. I'd like to salvage the data that is physically on the
working drive.


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