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Re: [linux-lvm] Reducing ext3 LV

i asked a similar question a couple weeks ago but got no response.
this is how i did it
heck, a coupla weeks ago..that's awfully slow..I got a reply on the Fedora List within the hour...

umount /dev/path/to/lv
e2fsadm -L 20G /dev/path/to/lv

additionally i wanted to remove a disk from the LV so:

pvmove /dev/hdx
vgreduce /dev/hdx

i am by no means an lvm expert.

me neither...quick question, though..the HOWTO says, see below, that the e2fsadm doesn't exist in LVM2. Were you using LVM1.?

*LVM 2 Caveat
* There is currently no e2fsadm equivalent for LVM 2 and the e2fsadm that ships with LVM 1 does not work with LVM 2.

 i joined the list to get help with my
situation, and have been hanging out.

lucky for you, you weren't hanging out in a dangerous situation...

maybe this will get you pointed in
the right direction.

it is helpful, cheers.

good luck

you too.


Mark Sargent.

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