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Re: [linux-lvm] Resizing LVM Revisited

For 2.4 kernels (2.4.20 and later) we've always used ReiserFS and had extremely good results with online/hot expansion on top of LVMs. We use ext3 for our static os/boot areas but all of our data areas, and since we're using debian, that's just /var, and maybe /home, reside on LVM + ReiserFS.

--On October 27, 2005 5:35:19 PM +0900 Mark Sargent <powderkeg snow email ne jp> wrote:

Hi All,

to resize a LV in CentOS4.0, I had to use the 1st install CD and Linux
Rescue. I then had to umount /mnt/sysimage/dev, /mnt/sysimage/proc,
/mnt/sysimage/boot, /mnt/sysimage/sys before I could umount
/mnt/sysimage. After doing this, I lose the commands, vgscan, lvscan and
resize2fs. Why is this, and how can I get around it.? Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

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