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[linux-lvm] EMERGENCY: killing pvmove

Hello List,

I'm in a emergency situation so I haven't had the time to go through all the threads. I have had a strange problem and through my interaction it is now more severe as I think, so I have to get advice quickly.

I have several RAID subsets as physical volumes, each 1,4 TB in size, combine to a volume group of 8,6 TB. This VG is splitted in 6 LV's. One of the LV I did resize last week, and therefore added one PV of again 1,4TB to the VG, and resized one LV.

After that -- everything went ok, even resizing the ext3 partition -- I got Input/Output errors while writing to the newly resized partition (writing to the extended part of the partition). As realising this, I put all the data off this partition, deleted it and was then trying to remove the Raid subsystem with pvmove. While doing "pvmove /dev/sdg" I just got an "segmentation fault".

As this wouldn't be enough, I restarted the computer putting the new RAID subsystem on a different scsi controller, as I thought this could be the problem. Then the pvmove command worked!

But as I realised shortly, I just moved the wrong one, as /dev/sdg is now another subsystem (the damaged one is now /dev/sde). Now I have the Problem that my sane part of the data is slowly moving to the insane disk, which I can't stop! Even ctrl-c does not help...

How to stop it? Is a SIGTERM or SIGKILL allowed? Pleas help, I'm running out of time!

Thanks a lot!!!!

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