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[linux-lvm] fedoraCore4 on ext3/lvm; suse9.3pro on ext3 fstab probs

hello all.. just found the list gladly.. [#lvm on freenode irc NOT 4 endusers community support obviously lol.. bit spoiled to #fedora community ;]]

have recently fell in love with suse9.3pro [soon to switch to its OSS sister opensuse stable release] and want to cautiously switch to it for my main workstation personal / biz os..

sadly ive spent last 2 wks attempting to get s93pro to mount my fc4' hda2 partition on /data1 via fstab upon boot?..

fc4 boots see and mount s93pro's partition without any complaints..

the the reverse has been quite the challenge.. have had few gurus try several syntax attempts in s93pro's fstab.. all to no avail..

some manual mount attempts imply with no output that it works.. but konqueror still sees nada in /data1 folder fstab points to?..

so.. howto get fc4's ext3 on lvm on my main 80g hdd master.. to be seen / mounted on my 8g slaved hdd running s93pro on ext3 ?

thanks thanks for any / all feedback chums..

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