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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM scary!

On 4/3/06, Jim Ford <jaford watford53 freeserve co uk > wrote:
Hmm, there are so many horror stories on this forum that I'm beginning
to wish that I hadn't chosen the LVM option when I installed my Kubuntu
system! Mind you, having said that, I never had problems with 5 years of
software raid on a Slackware box.

I agree it is scary, by which I mean that you got to play with it carefully.
Having said that, I find LVM a step (generation) above normal partitioning system.
It can give lot of flexibility provided that is planned properly and in advance.
In many cases I find users (not anyone particular), let's call 'click happy',
and here I mean to say that people have taken it for granted that LVM will be a cake walk, It is if you know how you can play with it.
LVM is not like a computer game where one plays and learns. Here, replay is very costly and that is causing lot of anguish among users.

Anil Kumar Shrama
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