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[linux-lvm] Bad disk removal

Hey all,

So after lots of scans and log review, turns out 1 of the 8 IDE disks in my LVM is bad. (I know, IDE, yeahyeah...)

I currently have the affected volume group online, and it's mounted in XFS readonly,norecovery mode. XFS can't attempt repair because one of the bad sectors is the superblock so xfs_repair bombs.

Unfortunately I don't have 1.2TB of free space available to try and pull all the data off the VG before rebuilding it and replacing the failed drive. If I get a replacement for the bad drive and extend the VG, my question would be:

How fault tolerant is pvmove if it encounters unreadable/bad sectors on a disk? Will I hose the entire VG if pvmove bombs? Will pvmove skip the bad sectors after a few attempts and move on? Will pvmove refuse to even try?

I'm sure someone's had experience with this before. :) (Obviously I don't have RAID underneath the LVM, otherwise I'm sure this would be moot... lesson learned.)

Thanks all,

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