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[linux-lvm] fsck for LVM?

I've got a user complaining that his filesystem in an lv is being corrupted. It's not clear whether it is the lv that is corrupted or the filesystem, I've not actually seen it in this state. I have seen a fsck log from when it is formatted with reiserfs failing though.

The user says he's tried both reiserfs and ext3 in this lv, and both end up corrupted after a period of time (days). Since this user obviously has root (or they couldn't format the lv), I have to suspect they're breaking their own filesystem. They, OTOH, seem to think it is LVM's fault and want me to fix it.

Is there something which can be run on an LVM setup to verify its integrity in much the same way as fsck is used on file systems? I've used vgck, vgscan, vgdisplay, lvscan, lvdisplay, pvscan and pvdisplay on the various pieces, and can see no problems. I've also scanned the physical disk the pv lives on and that shows no problems either.


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