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[linux-lvm] [PATCH] remove stripe chunk size limitation for striped volumes in LVM2

This patch removes the artificial limitation on stripe size that lvm2 had for backwards compatibility with lvm1. It is now only limited by the size of the variable used to store the chunk size.

o Adds a new flag 'FMT_UNLIMITED_STRIPESZ' and sets it for format_text.
lvcreate checks the flag and if it is set, ignores the MAX_STRIPE_SIZE. o There is also a check added in lvcreate.c:_read_stripe_params to prevent lp->stripe_size from overflowing, but this is not absolutely necessary for
   the rest of the patch.
o The 2^30 limitation for stripe chunk size in lvm2 is because of the 32-bit variable that holds the chunks size. See the comment in lvcreate.c for more
o Note that the check for MAX_STRIPE_SIZE has been moved into _lvcreate() so that the format flag for the VG can be checked - if there's a way to get a valid flag in _read_stripe_params() it should be moved back there, but the
   cmd->fmt structure there always is format_text.

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