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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM2, NFS and random device (major:minor) numbers

Hi Paul,

NFS depends on what the server says the underlying device id is of the exported volume and if that changes, then NFS mounts are going to change out from under themselves. And everytime I add a volume and reboot the device ids change.

Unfortunate, but true. One of the side-effects of having dynamic volumes. Also note that you would get similar trouble if, for example, you added a SCSI device with a lower SCSI-id than an existing SCSI device. /dev/sdb1 would become /dev/sdc1, etc.

I finally come upon this old post to this list:

The part that can solve everything for you is:
These days, that's configurable.
See 'man exports' fsid=num.

With an explicit fsid=n for every export, you tell the NFS server to ignore the device-id, and use the specified fsid instead. That way you get consistent NFS exports, without being dependent on the underlying device-ids.

I have had the same trouble as you have, and this solution works great.

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