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Re: [linux-lvm] dmeventd_mirror problem and some questions.

There are some kernel patches that you need. Either way, the DSO shouldn't be crashing, so I'll look into that.

Kernel patches are located at http://www.brassow.com/mirroring. Last updated on April 3rd... I'll be updating those either today or tomorrow as well.


On Apr 18, 2006, at 7:40 AM, Simone Gotti wrote:

Hi All,

I was curious to try the experimental dmeventd + the mirror checking
Everytime I created a mirror volume, dmeventd was crashing when the
mirror finished the syncing process.
I tracked it down to _get_mirror_event that is expeting a return string
from the status ioctl to dm like "2 253:4 253:5 400/400 1 AA 3 cluster
253:3 A" but it gets only "2 253:4 253:5 400/400" so it SIGSEGV when is
going to read over the number of returned arguments in the "args" array
from split_words.

The same string is returned by "dmsetup status".

Do these informations aren't already implemented in the ioctl, or are
there some patches around that I can try? (my kernel is the latest
available in fedora rawhide: 2.6.16-1.2131_FC6)

Another question, If I understand it correctly, the mirror library for
dmeventd will look to possible problems (eg the lost of a PV containing
a mirror), and it will call the right lvm command to fix it?
For example, if a PV containing a side of a 2 way mirrored volume is
lost, what are the various actions that it will do (I noticed an
lvreduce --removemissing, but my fear is that this command will also
remove unmirrored volumes)?



Simone Gotti.

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