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[linux-lvm] pvresize, resize 8e Linux LVM partition


Trying to figure out how to resize LVM partition.

I cloned hard drive using Acronis True Image and now have some space
after LVM partition.

As I see, before run pvresize I need to resize partition itself. Which
tool can help me to do it? man pvresize refers to fdisk, but I can't
understand how to use it for resize.

Simply running pvresize does nothing.

Actually I am trying to build some pipeline to quick make a test and
production box from development one. I can make it manually by
creating new pv and dump/restore, but its a 3 page of commands. And I
still cant figure out that is the right tool for ext3 dump/restore.

Another way is create new pv in free space and add it to volume group
- but after that this box will be a little different from the original
one, thus I need additional tracking of its configuration.

Thank you.

Stanislaw Senotrusov

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