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Re: [linux-lvm] booting on a new root partition

ramsis farhat wrote:
> I'm still working on a virtual machine with Red Hat Entreprise 3. So don't worry if I break it
> I'm working with 2 hard disks of 8GB. The first is partitioned like this
> sda1 boot (101 MB)
> sda2 /      (7400MB)
> sda3 swap (573 MB)
> I followed exactly the steps in the LVM-HOWTO excepted that I added the second Hard disk sdb.
> I made an lvm partion sdb1 and I put all the root data (size 6GB) on it. The new partition is /dev/vg00/root
> Then, I had a problem : when I type "lvmcreate_initrd", the RAM disk can't be created because of the lack of space ( I'm not sure of that).
> I used "lvmcreate_initrd  -D", the instruction returns 0 ( it means ok). But when I reboot, there is kernel panic.
> so if I use initrd, i don't know if i need that!!!!!!!

I don't know about "lvmcreate_initrd", seems this is Redhad specific (I'm using SuSE).
I googled for it and found it should create some file:


is this created on your system? (May be your /boot partition is full?)
IF it was created, please verify, if it is referenced in your grub/lilo
configuration. Can you please post an "ls -ltr /boot", to show us the
content of your /boot partition and your grub or lilo configuration?

You also should edit the /etc/fstab of the new LVM-root change the name
of the new root partition/volume.


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