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[linux-lvm] Missing link in /dev/<domain>?


Re: SuSE 10.1 w/ 2.6.16 enhanced kernel from the distro.

I had a non-graceful shutdown of a fileserver last night.

Today, the /dev/mapper directory seems to have an extra entry:


The unexpected entry is the -data-real one.

The -data entry seems to be corrupted because if I try to mount that I
get "no superblock".  OTOH -data-real can be mounted and has my data
in it.

Another issue is in /dev/<my-domain> I only have 2 links (config and home).

If I manually create the missing data link and point it to -data-real
I can mount my data filesystem, but after a reboot the link is missing
once again.

I'm running SuSE 10.1 which has a dynamically created /dev directory,
so I have no idea where to look to get the missing link to be
recreated properly

So, I guess my first question is what's going on with -data vs
-data-real?  And should fixing that cause the dynamic /dev to properly
start recreating my full set of links?

Greg Freemyer
The Norcross Group
Forensics for the 21st Century

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