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[linux-lvm] Then XFS will hang after snapshotting in xfs_freeze -f in kernel-2.4

he problem is may very old. But I have searched this maillist by google.
The messages are so much but none can help me. So ask for help here.

It's about the patch linux-2.4.18-lvm-VFSlock.patch.

The kernel is linux-2.4.21-47EL with above patch been patched.
And I also have tried this two patch
linux-2.4.21-VFS-lock-erperimental.patch(See attached files)

The xfs come from linux-2.4-xfs(http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/).
The xfsprogs version is 2.6.13
The lvm version is 1.0.8

Steps to reproduce this problem:
1: Assume a LV(/dev/testvg/testlv) has been created.
  mkfs.xfs this LV.(mkfs.xfs /dev/testvg/testlv)
  mount it on directory /LVM. (mount /dev/testvg/testlv /LVM)
2. xfs_freeze -f  /LVM
3. lvcreate -L100M -snTEST_SNAPSHOT /dev/testvg/testlv
4. xfs_freeze -u /LVM
5. umount /LVM
The the umount command will not return forever, something operator may
also hang there as sync.

In 2.6.9, after xfs_freeze -f, the operator lvcreate a snapshot may hang.
Only xfs_freeze -u in another session. the snapshot can be done.

So in 2.4 also should be done like this, It's the problem about the lock s_umount(in fs/super.c) or the lock bd_mount_sem(fs/buffer.c in 2.6kernel).

Thanks && Best Regards

Wei Kong

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Attachment: linux-2.4.21-VFS-lock.patch
Description: Binary data

Attachment: linux-2.4.21-VFS-lock-experimental.patch
Description: Binary data

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