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Re: [linux-lvm] pvmove of lvs while filesystems mounted not supported?!?

Edward Quillen wrote:
Redhat support is telling me (see quote below) that pvmove is not supported when there are mounted
filesystems on top of the lvs that are being moved. Can this be true? Everyother lvm that I have
worked with allows this. I am currently experiencing device mapper hangs when I run pvmove while
there are filesystems mounted even if there is no processes using the filesystems. Is this supposed to work? If so, has anyone had similar issues? Any help would be appreciated?

Requiring an unmount of the filesystem would kind of defeat the purpose of pvmove. In that case, just create a new volume and dd the data across.

pvmove creates a mirror for each segment it is moving. That way updates will be written to both segments while the mirror is active.

I've done it numerous times, including moving very active filesystems off of a flaky drive so that I could replace it.

Dave Brown

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