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Re: [linux-lvm] Does LVM has something to backup like mbr??

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Du wrote:
> Hi, these days I was wondering if I do some crap in my LV's and I want
> to recover it, can I keep some kind of mbr's backup?

This should be automatically maintained in /etc/lvm/backup: both the
directory to back up to and whether backups are maintained at all
is customizable in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf, but it's a *really good idea*
to leave it turned on.

By default a backup is taken whenever the metadata changes (addition,
removal, or reconfiguration of LVs and VGs, basically).

You can restore an old configuration with `vgcfgrestore' and back up the
existing one on command with `vgcfgbackup'. (Obviously restoring an old
configuration with LVs in different places is unlikely to work because
the data isn't in the right places anymore, but re-restoring the new,
correct configuration should repair things immediately.)

> Something that, when I put it in the right place, it recovers my LV's ??

That's exactly it.

> Just like mbr. Cuz if I backup my mbr, it just recover my unique
> partition with LVM.

Your general system backup (you *do* have one, right? :) ) should be
backing up /etc anyway, in which case the LVM metadata backups should
be backed up with everything else.

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