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Re: [linux-lvm] Ran vgreduce --missing to remove broken disk, am I screwed?

Thomas Novin wrote:

I had a disk that stopped working. After booting I could see with
that the disk was missing. After reading everything I could find via
I thought that you were supposed to run 'vgreduce --remove-missing
to remove the missing disk from the group.

After this the volume group looks OK but the entire logical volume got
removed! Am I screwed now or is there any way to salvage the data which is
on the remaining three disks?

Please someone answer this, is there any solution to this problem? To

- Disk failure
- Ran 'vgreduce --remove-missing volgrp0' (probably not such a good idea)
- /dev/volgrp0/ emtpy. 'lvdisplay' doesn't show anything.

So, can I somehow restore my logical volume? The three other physical
disks/partitions are intact.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Novin

You will probably be able to restore your config from a backup. Look in /etc/lvmconf . Or, look for files that may be backups of your configuration. You should be able to do some sort of vgcfgrestore command using a previous conf and get back to, at least, where you were before doing the remove.


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