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RE: [linux-lvm] Ran vgreduce --missing to remove broken disk, am I screwed?

Tom+Dale <tdmyth yahoo com> wrote:
Thomas Novin <thnov xyz pp se> wrote:
> I had a disk that stopped working. After booting I could see with
> pvdisplay
> that the disk was missing. After reading everything I could find via
> google
> I thought that you were supposed to run 'vgreduce --remove-missing
> volgrp0'
> to remove the missing disk from the group.
> After this the volume group looks OK but the entire logical volume got
> removed! Am I screwed now or is there any way to salvage the data which is
> on the remaining three disks?

Please someone answer this, is there any solution to this problem? To

- Disk failure
- Ran 'vgreduce --remove-missing volgrp0' (probably not such a good idea)
- /dev/volgrp0/ emtpy. 'lvdisplay' doesn't show anything.

So, can I somehow restore my logical volume? The three other physical
disks/partitions are intact.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Novin
I wish I could help you...
The answer to this question is VERY important to me, too.  I sent out a question to this mailing list on Saturday that described my nearly identical problem (although I included lots of details).  Nobody responded at all.  Perhaps I overwhelmed everyone with TMI???
If there is no one here who can answer these questions, where can we go for help?
Could someone please suggest a forum or reference document that can help Mr. Novin and me?  I have spent 3 weeks searching for help on the 'net; and I have read the LVM HowTo several times.  This mailing list was my best hope for assistance.
Thanks again in advance for any help you might be able to provide, folks!

Oops!  I see that Peter Smith had responded to my message; also my case was not related to "vgreduce."  Sorry.

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