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Re: [linux-lvm] vgchange -an question with disconnected disks

Actually I was not asking this question in the context removing a disk. I was asking if you loose connectivity to a disk(s) unexpectitly.

Peter Smith wrote:
John DeFranco wrote:

I have a question regarding the behavior of vgchange -a n on lvm2 when there are disk failures. Specifically the following:

1. vgchange -a y vg00
2. disconnect the disks
3. vgchange -a n vg00

Are you doing this in the correct order? Shouldn't you _de_activate the VG _before_ removing the disks? And besides, shouldn't you remove the offending disks from the VG _before_ deactivating and then removing the disks physically? Or at least something equivalent.

1.  vgreduce vg00 <offending disks>
2.  vgchange -a n vg00
3.  disconnect the disks
4.  vgchange -a y vg00



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