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[linux-lvm] Accidental removal of logical volume - any way to salvage?

Ok, here's the situation:

I have a volume group consisting of two whole disk partitions, on top of which I used to have a full size logical volume containing data of system non-critical but nevertheless important nature. After deciding to replace a lot of the hardware in the machine (and to reinstall the system) I realized that I would first need to export the volume group or I could be in for a lot of trouble (lesson learned from previous experience). To make a long and stupid story (for which I have no defense) a lot shorter; I did 'lvremove main' ("main" being the name of the lv in question), ran 'vgexport rajd' ("rajd" being the vg), backed up a lot of files (including /etc and most of /var), replaced the hardware, reinstalled the system, ran 'vgimport rajd' and only then realized what 'lvremove' really did.

Now, instead of getting questions like "what did you think 'lvremove main' would do?" or "are you the result of several generations of inbreeding?", could anyone first of all tell me if there is any way at all to salvage the data from the logical volume "main"? If there is I would love to find out how.


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