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[linux-lvm] potential bug with LVM2, --removemissing, and a LVM1 VG

I'm posting this to the list before I enter a real bug report just-to-see if anyone can see the flaw in what I'm doing...

First the background. Recently I removed some SAN space from one of our system's LVM1 setups. Problem is, I did a 'pvchange -x n <pv>', a 'lvremove <lv>' on the SAN space in question and then basically removed the space from the system physically. Well, the rest of the VG obviously refused to mount after a reboot.. Through many steps I learned that the '--removemissing' option for 'vgreduce' on the newest LVM2 is bugged in that it will not work with LVM1 VGs. You are forced to use a non-bugged version of LVM2. As a matter of fact, you can create a LVM1 VG under LVM2, perform the steps above, and then try to fix it using the '--removemissing' option and it will NOT work. I have gone so far as to create a script that can exercise the functionality and illustrate its failure.

So my question is, is this a legitimate bug? I believe it is. Specifically a bug with the '--removemissing' option for the newest LVM2..


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