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Re: [linux-lvm] Using LVM to snapshot Oracle

On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 11:28:56AM -0800, Mitchell Christensen wrote:
I was wondering about the feasibility of using the LVM snapshot facility
to backup/restore Oracle.  Does this make sense?


A few issues that I am concerned about are,

*	Would it be any better/faster/cheaper than RMAN (the standard
Oracle backup facility)?
it will work in a different manner,
rman is more complex to handle. but it will give you some more features,
like integrated archive log management and point in time restores.

*	Would hot-backups be possible, or would the database need to be
in a quiescent state?
you can do hot backup, but you will need to tell oracle you are doing

you will need to have oracle in archive log mode

you will need to manually set all tablespaces in backup mode:
alter tablespace XXX begin backup; (for all tablespaces)
alter system switch logfile;
do your backup including the archive logs
alter tablespace XXX end backup; (for all tablespaces)

it is a simple sql script to code

*	Is anyone else out there doing this (or anything similar)?

*	Is it reasonable to expect that I could simply take a snapshot
of all Oracle related files and be able to restore a viable Oracle
instance from that snapshot?
after restore you will have to "recover database" to apply the archive
logs and make the database consistent.


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