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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM drive changed from USB to Firewire

David Brown wrote:
The problem is that the drive is not found at boot anymore, and an
error is raised because it can't be mounted. But if I do a vgscan,
then a vgchage -ay, then mount -a, all is well and my volumes are

How do I tell LVM to look at the firewire card instead of the usb controller?

LVM should look at all of the devices.

Most likely the firewire interface/driver takes longer to startup than the
USB does, and the drive isn't visible when the startup scripts do their

i've had a bunch of success with one machine on which I run LVM by simply adding a 5-second wait period between the time the kernel calls /sbin/init and it begins executing the contents of whatever rc script init starts at your desired runlevel (add 'sleep 5' to the beginning of this script). kernel threads are great in some circumstances (like improving boot speed), but sometimes i guess you could say it boots too fast for its own good!

just a side note though: my experience with ieee1394 under linux has been less-than-satisfactory: i can't seem to get a decent aggregate raw transfer rate of >11MByte/sec, no matter what hardware i use. i've since switched back to usb2.0, even though usb is completely and wholly the wrong transport to use for mass storage devices :(

if you can get your disks working faster than this, please let me know how you did it. :)


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