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[linux-lvm] Mounting An Old LVM Drive Array

I have a similar situation to "Any way to recover "logical volumes" " by Dan Elder, except mine involves 2 drives of different sizes and they did not crash. To the best of my knowledge both drives are in good, usable condition. How can I mount the drives and access their data? Here are the details.

I recently replaced the motherboard, both hard drives and the CPU on my personal desktop with faster hardware, and these 2 drives are my entire former system. They are a 60 Gb and 120 Gb drives. The 120 Gb was once an independent Fedora Core 2 or Fedora Core 3 system. Then one day I decided to add the 60 Gb drive, probably to dual boot Windows XP on it. I removed the 120 Gb drive to protect it from Windows, installed the smaller drive in its place, used the Windows XP installer to define and format about a 29 Gb partition, installed Windows XP on that, then re-installed the 120 Gb drive and installed Fedora Core 3 (x86_64) on what I thought was the unpartitioned free space on the small drive.

I did all this blissfully ignorant of how LVM works.

Much later, I upgraded this system to Fedora Core 4 x86_64 with both physical drives installed and active.

From the small bit of experimentation I've done, I am guessing the the LVM is actually "defined" on the 120 Gb drive, but my former Fedora Core 4 system, which I want to access very much, is actually on the 60 Gb drive. So if I want to see that data again, I'll have to have both these disks mounted so that the startup scripts can find the volume group and mount the logical volume. I haven't attempted to do this yet, but I'll do it soon.

My new, upgraded system has one 400 Gb drive on which I installed Fedora Core 4 x86_64. I've thought of doing 'lvm lvrename' to rename the logical volume on this physical volume so I can then install my old drives into external hard drive enclosures and plug these into USB ports, and let them mount that way. But I understand I'll need to change the drive labels with e2label as well.

I can also uninstall my 400 Gb drive temporarily and plug in the old drives. The old drives are really PATA (IDE) drives, but I used HighPoint RocketHead 100 PATA-to-SATA adapters to allow me to plug them into the SATA ports on my old motherboard, and one of these adapters was given to a friend who is now using it on his system. I suppose interface wouldn't matter here -- just plug them into the IDE ports on the motherboard.

I appreciate any advice you can give me.


Bob Cochran

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