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Re: [linux-lvm] Use lvcreart -m to make a mirror

The attached script (originally from Jun'ichi Nomura) is what I've been using to validate mirror volumes. You might be able to pull out things for use in your tests. It uses device mapper and is design to attack a specific bug.


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On Jan 5, 2006, at 3:47 AM, Patrick Caulfield wrote:

Fang,Dongyu wrote:
Thanks your replay.
How can I mount the "original" (mimage_0) or the "mirror" (mimage_1)
Because I want to verify it write/read data in both LV indeed.

Because of internal cacheing I don't know whether that's a sensible thing to do.

And how can I remove the mirror relation between the two LV(let the
"original" and "mirror" become two singe LV)?   (I use `lvconvert -m 0
vg1/mirror1`  then LVs become one.)

With current RPMs you currently can't. The code is in CVS but it needs lots of


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