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[linux-lvm] Re: more info on the hang with 2.6.15-rc5

Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:

Now it works, but I dont trust it one bit.

I had been seeing almost immediate, perfectly repeatable hard lockups
in 2.6.15-rc5 and 2.6.15-rc5-mm3, when using sata_mv, RAID, and LVM
together.  Nothing in the syslog or on the console, and the system is
totally unresponsive to the keyboard & network.

My hardware setup is: four Seagate Barracuda 500 GB disks, on a Marvell
MV88SX6081 8-port SATA-II PCI-X controller, on a PCI-X bus (64/66).

The disks work great when accessed directly.  They work great when used
as four PVs for LVM, and when assembled into a 4-disk RAID-6.

But when I make a RAID-6 array out of them, and use the array as a PV,
the system would hang completely, within seconds.  (This is with LVM
2.02.01, libdevicemapper 1.02.02, and dm-driver 4.5.0.)

I turned on all the debugging options in the kernel config hoping to get
some insight, but this "debug" kernel doesnt crash.  It's running fine,
and I'm pounding on it.  A timing problem in the interaction between
LVM and RAID?  Some kind of wierd heisenbug....

I'd be happy to do any debugging tests people suggest.

I've been waiting for more info on this, did it get fixed? 2.6.15?

bill davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
 CTO TMR Associates, Inc
 Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979

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