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[linux-lvm] Recovering LVM configuration on crashed RAID partition


I'm running 4 IDE disks in my home server using software raid with the following partition layout:

hd[abcd]1   /boot (RAID 1)
hd[abcd]2   swap (RAID 5)
hd[abcd]3   / (RAID 5)
hd[abcd]4   (RAID 5) LVM with logical volumes /data and /business

Now hdb crashed and while trying to recover the root partition (before I replaced the faulty disk) I lost all data in the root partition (including the whole /etc directory tree). So after replacing the defect drive I installed a linux on hda3 (with swap partion on hda2) for recovering purposes. I actually left the LVM RAID partition untouched until I replaced the defect drive. After resyncing the new drive into the LVM partition I tried to get access to the data in the logical volumes, but without success. There are no PVs, no VGs, or LVs listed.

GPART did not give any positive results, but listed four primary partitions with all 00s in it:
* Warning: strange partition table magic 0x0000.
Primary partition(1)
  type: 000(0x00)(unused)
  size: 0mb #s(0) s(0-0)
  chs:  (0/0/0)-(0/0/0)d (0/0/0)-(0/0/0)r
hex: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Primary partition(2)

vgscan gives:
 Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...

pvscan gives:
 No matching physical volumes found

lvdisplay gives:
 No volume groups found

Since I didn't do anything with the LVM RAID partition the logical volumes and the data must still be there!!!

Is there any other way to get access to the LVM partitions?

Thanks in advance!

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