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[linux-lvm] Re: Upgrade from 2.6.10-ac8 to broke lvm rootfs

On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 04:30:11PM +0300, you [Ville Herva] wrote:
> [repost: first post did not show up. sorry for the possible dupe]
> After upgrading the kernel from 2.6.10-ac8 to the initramfs was no     
> longer able to mount rootfs.                                                    
>   mount: error 6 mounting ext3                                                  
> All the configuration options are identical, and upgrading lvm2 package:        
>   lvm2-2.00.25-1.01       -> lvm2-2.01.14-1.0                                   
>   device-mapper-1.00.19-2 -> device-mapper-1.01.04-1.0                          
> Did not change anything.                                                        
> Dm, ext3 and the relevant block device drivers statically compiled in.          
> The vg has lvm1 format, fwiw.                                                   
> I enabled all the debug options I could think of in the nash-based initramfs    
> init script. That did not appear to tell much: all I was able to tell was       
> that lvm was succesfully called by the init script:                             
> mount -t proc /proc /proc                                                       
> mount -t sysfs none /sys                                                        
> insmod /lib/dm-snapshot.ko                                                      
> mkdevices /dev                                                                  
> mkdmnod                                                                         
> lvm vgscan -v                                                                   
> # sleep 5                                                                       
> lvm vgchange -ay                                                                
> # sleep 5                                                                       
> lvm vgmknodes                                                                   
> # sleep 5                                                                       
> mkrootdev /dev/root                                                             
> umount /sys                                                                     
> # sleep 5                                                                       
> mount -o defaults --ro -t ext3 /dev/root /sysroot                               
> switchroot /sysroot                                                             
> but those didn't give any meaningful output (other than notices about           
> setting log indentation level).                                                 
> Finally, I added "sleep 5" after each lvm command (commented out above),        
> which appeared "solve" the problem.                                             
> Apparently the lvm scripts somehow do their initialization asynchronously
> and the init script tries to mount root before it is available. I'm not sure
> why this is affected by the kernel version, though.

This happens with linux-, lvm2-2.01.14-1.0 and mkinitrd-4.1.18-2.

I must manually patch the init script inside the initrd image to have those 
  sleep 5 
lines after each and every lvm command, otherwise I get the 
  mount: error 6 mounting ext3

Any ideas?

-- v --

v iki fi

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