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Re: [linux-lvm] Difference in LVM and LVM2 and their strength/weakness

On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 05:54:12PM -0800, Alex Chen wrote:
> Greetings,


>   I am tasked to investigate the differences between LVM and LVM2.  I am
> new to LVM so it would be greatly appreciated if someone can explain or
> point me to the right direction for the following questions:
> 1.	What does LVM2 have that is not available in LVM?

It has command line extensions beyond lvm (eg, vgs, lvs, pvs commands).

It's configurable in various regards (eg, device name filters)

The limits of 256 grand total logical volumes and ~64k extents per logical
volume are gone.

Logical volume snapshots are asynchronous rather than synchronuous
and gain better performance.

pvmove (online data relocation) is based on temporary, restartable mirrors
which wasn't the case in LVM1.

> Or is it a
> only better architectured implementation of LVM?

I'ld not say 'only', but yes, it is :)

> 2.	Which version of Red Hat enterprise system uses which LVM?  And
> does the user need to do any configuration during installation?

RHEL3 comes with LVM, RHEL4 with LVM2.

> 3.	If LVM2 is definitely better than LVM, how stable is it?

It is stable with the exception of rare snapshot issues,
we're fixing right now.

> Thanks.
> Alex

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