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[linux-lvm] Problems with LVM


I've been trying to compile Linux 2.6.14-3 on my RHEL-AS-4 instalation
and I can't seem to get it to boot. I've /, /home & /tmp as LVs of
only one VG (surprisingly called vg). My hdds are all IDE and the
distro boots with the generic kernel normally. However, with my
compiled kernel and the initrd image (the I created afterwards
installing the kernel's modules), I can't boot.

The error is the following:

Mounting root file system
mount : error 6 mounting ext3
mount: error 2 mounting none
switching to new root
switchroot: mount failed 22
umount /initrd/dev failed: 2

I am sure you know how to fix, I just can't seem to though. I do have
ext3 as module right now, but I did tests with ext3 built-in, so I
don't think that all I need is to have ext3 built-in  to fix my
problem as I was able to find online through google.

Thanks very much for any sugestions/solutions!

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