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[linux-lvm] error msg: VG vgc1 metadata too large for circular buffer

I am running SuSE 9.3 PRO.
# uname -r

I pulled the latest CVS tree two days ago for both device-mapper and LVM2 because I hit a problem with the level of those that came with SuSE 9.3. I need to be able to create hundreds (say 400 or 500) logical volumes with the application I am working with.

The new CVS code allowed me to get many many more than I was able to get prior to going with the new code from the CVS trees.

I created a volume group on a 500+G drive with -M2, omitted metadatasize, and let the allocation size default to 4M (probably dumb given the size of the volumes I am creating).

I managed to about 392 volumes created in the volume group. Now any attempt to create additional or to delete a logical volume from that group fails with a message:
"VG vgc1 metadata too large for circular buffer"

# lvremove -vvvvv vgc1/33901_vgc1_392

#metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 381: 89154 234: 33901_vgc1_382(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 382: 89388 234: 33901_vgc1_383(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 383: 89622 234: 33901_vgc1_384(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 384: 89856 234: 33901_vgc1_385(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 385: 90090 234: 33901_vgc1_386(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 386: 90324 234: 33901_vgc1_387(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 387: 90558 234: 33901_vgc1_388(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 388: 90792 234: 33901_vgc1_389(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 389: 91026 234: 33901_vgc1_390(0:0) #metadata/pv_manip.c:241 /dev/sdc1 390: 91260 234: 33901_vgc1_391(0:0)
#metadata/pv_manip.c:241         /dev/sdc1 391:  91494    234: NULL(0:0)
#metadata/pv_manip.c:241         /dev/sdc1 392:  91728  47815: NULL(0:0)
#format_text/export.c:121         Doubling metadata output buffer to 131072
#format_text/format-text.c:408 VG vgc1 metadata too large for circular buffer
#metadata/metadata.c:782         <backtrace>
#locking/file_locking.c:59       Unlocking /var/lock/lvm/V_vgc1
#device/dev-io.c:483         Closed /dev/sdc1

I can destroy the data. In fact, that is what I would like to do, but softly using lvremove, vgremove, pvremove if possible. But I can't get around the current error.

Advice,please? Are there parameters I can give during the creation of the group or volume to avoid this?
Gary Eheman
Fundamental Software, Inc.

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