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Re: [linux-lvm] while file system?

On Monday 30 January 2006 13:40, Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:
> XFS, JFS, and Reiser3 all support unlimited online grow but no shrink
> at all.

Where did you find that Reiser3 did not support shrinking?  Unfortunately 
shrinking online is not supported, but offline shrinking is definately 
supported.  Just look at resize_reiserfs(8).  The man page is wrong it does 
support online growing quite well.  The other good news about 
resize_reiserfs(8) is that the K|M|G mean the same as the K|M|G in LVM.  So 
you can say resize_reiserfs -s -1G /dev/to/resize, then lvreduce -L -1G 
vgname/lvol.  I haven't tested, but the same should be true for pvresize as 

JFS does only support growing.
XFS only supports growing for now.  There was a patch submitted back in 
September to the mailing list.  It's current status is unknown to me.

Hope that helps a little,
Zac Slade

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