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[linux-lvm] pvmove errors

Hi List,

I need to move all the data off of my external scsi array and remove it
from my volume group.
The external array is /dev/cciss/c1d0p0, so I issued a pvmove with the
following results:

>/sbin/sh-2.05b# pvmove --version
>pvmove: Logical Volume Manager 1.0.8-2
>Heinz Mauelshagen, Red Hat  26/05/2004 (IOP 10)
>/sbin/sh-2.05b# pvscan
>pvscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
>pvscan -- ACTIVE    PV  "/dev/cciss/c1d0p1" of VG "Volume0" [99.99 GB / 99.99 GB Free]
>pvscan -- ACTIVE    PV  "/dev/cciss/c0d0p2" of VG "Volume0" [136.61 GB / 68.89 GB Free]
>pvscan -- total: 2 [236.62 GB] / in use: 2 [236.62 GB] / in  no VG: 0 [0]
>/sbin/sh-2.05b# pvmove /dev/cciss/c1d0p1
>pvmove -- moving physical extents in active volume group "Volume0"
>pvmove -- WARNING: if you lose power during the move you may need to restore your LVM metadata from backup!
>pvmove -- do you want to continue? [y/n] y
>/dev/Volume0/group::/dev/Volume0/root: 6901 8704, 6802 8832
>pvmove -- ERROR "Invalid argument" copying extent from "/dev/cciss/c1d0p1"
>pvmove -- ERROR "Invalid argument" remapping
>pvmove -- ERROR "pv_move(): LE of LV remap" moving physical extents
I've tried a --force but that didn't help.

Any ideas? Need to get this drive out of the VG asap.


Tom Lanyon
Systems Administrator
NetSpot Pty Ltd
183 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, 5006
Ph: +618 8361 6800   Fax: +618 8361 6811
Email: tom netspot com au

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