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RE: [linux-lvm] LVM2 maximum logical volume size help

Kernel 2.6 supports ext3 filesystems up to 32TB, according to RH Support.
Do you want to store a lot of files? or a few thousand in which case look at the mkfs.ext3 options to reduce the number of Inodes and speed up fsck after a crash.


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Subject: [linux-lvm] LVM2 maximum logical volume size help


I am currently running RHEL4 update 3  (kernel 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL), and
using LVM2 and the ext3 filesystem.

I need to know what is the maximum logical volume size I can create. From
the LVM2 Howto, the max size is stated to be 8 exebytes. However, the
Red Hat doc says that the max filesystem size for ext3 is 8 TB.

I am guessing that means I am limited to 8 TB if I want to use ext3 ???

If so, then are there other filesystems I can use to overcome this limit. I
to be able to create volumes at least up to 100TB. Is there anything
with the Red Hat release that would be a good choice? Or anything free not
included with Red Hat? Or anything commercial?

Thanks in advance for any help or opinions.

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