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[linux-lvm] How Can I modify the mapping PE to LE??

Hello, I'm at the beginning to use LVM in my machine.


Could you give any information on the implementation details of LVM and device mapper?? More specifically, I want to change the "mapping between PE and LE" for some purposes, however I'm just finished to read the manual of LVM-HowTO. This means that I'm totally a newbie in LVM and device-mapper. I just read some codes on data structures in LVM2/lib/metadata/metadata.h, but I can't get more information anymore on how they are mapped.


I was hanging around the codes in LVM2 source to find the part related with the "mapping", I just got to know the mapping information is stored in device mapper, not in the LVM.


I'll use LVM for this purpose - I would like to make a program to change the mapping relationship between PE and LE in my own. In fact, the program's goal is to move an extent in a bad disk to a disk with good performance. The movement is done by the extent. In order to do it, I definitely, have to know how I can modify the mapping and maybe, the entire structure of LVM and device mapper.


Could you give me some information on LVM & device-mapper details that help me??

- exactly all about the mapping between LE & PE..

I'm totally at the beginning, I'm well prepared to dig in the codes from now on, does anyone can help me to run faster??

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