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[linux-lvm] lvm and duplicates...


I'm trying to setup a cluster with ServiceGuard but I am going through
a lot of hassles doing so. I did a mistake initially by trying to
pvcreate the 2 luns of the same physical disk from our storage (fiber
channel) and now, while trying to create a new logical volume, I get
this weird error, for the record the sda and sdb are the 2 luns coming
from different paths (cards):

# lvcreate -L1 -n quorum clusterfs
 Found duplicate PV TJs3i47MkmyqU4KFCzdmp8N78w4C76mB: using /dev/sdb1
not /dev/sda1
 Rounding up size to full physical extent 4.00 MB
 Failed to activate new LV.

Even if I lvchange -a y clusterfs, it does seem to work (although the
"Found duplicate" message always shows up), but it doesn't, in fact,
solve the problerm when I try to lvcreate again, the same errors as
the one above, show up.

Any hints on how to fix this? I've already done pvremove /dev/sdb1 and
a pvinit /dev/sda1 again and tried to create the clusterfs again, as
when I do the pvremove -ff /dev/sdb1, the vg clusterfs disappears!

Please, help me out :)
Thank you!

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