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[linux-lvm] Right way to resize LVM Volume on SAN?

Hello All!

I have read all the archives, HOWTO etc. but I don't seem to find the definitive guide to do it correctly.

My diskspace in Linux is on SAN. The last partition (/dev/sda3) is LVM, ext3 and it represents my /home. Now I expanded the SAN volume and I would like to add this additional space to this last LVM partition.

I already see larger disk space with fdisk. AFAIK I have now two options. Either I create new partition (for example /dev/sda4) and pvcreate it and add it to Logical Volume or I can resize existing /dev/sda3 since it is the last partition and I can resize it to new end sector.

I would prefer resizing existing partition. So I should make backup, delete existing partition /dev/sda3. make new partition with new end sector and same start sector and do pvresize, lvresize on it right?

Is there any other way to do it? It is after all quite something to delete existing live partiton and hope it still work after resize :)

Thank you!

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