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Re: [linux-lvm] Where is the PE to LE mapping done?

조완근 wrote:
Hello, This is my second e-mail.

Sorry, if my first answer was not helpful to you.
Here is a good introduction into LVM internals
by Alasdair G Kergon:


You should also have a look into the meta data backup under
/etc/lvm/backup/* This describes the content of the data
structures you found in the sources. May be this helps
to understand how a VG is organized.

But even if you are much faster in reading and understanding
C source code (57251 lines) than reading the documentation
(3166 lines), I still think, your problem can be solved
by using the provided LVM-tools.
For example: you may modify/edit the meta data dump with a
text editor and use "vgcfgrestore" to fill up the data structs
you found. (but you can also destroy your LVM this way!).


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