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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm -> "normal" system conversion

Maciej Słojewski wrote:
I have Linux Kubuntu Breezy system running completely on software raid, LVM2, including root and boot partitions (LILO boot loader). As for some reasons I found such a structure not very convenient I would like revert it the following one:
- crucial data on software raid matrix (sda & sdb), so home partition etc.;
- boot partition and  root partition on separate hard disk (hde).

Hi Maciej,

sorry, I don't exactly understand your current setting:
do sda/sdb form your raid md0? In both cases?
Does your LVM then resides on md0?
Are root, boot home and zasoby1/2 logical volumes?

I only see, you want to move off root and boot to an other disk hde.

So, what do you mean by "revert"?

I've already formatted and partitioned hde6. Now I think how to make a copy of root and finally how to install GRUB so it will be able to see LVM2 volumes...

If you move off boot and root to a traditional partition,
so why has grub to know anything about LVM any more?

perhaps you should give us an output of "pvs" and "lvs" commands.

regards, Dieter.

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