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[linux-lvm] Change from one Linux Distro to another, keeping data on LVM


I'm about to change Linux distribution on a NFS file server for a
customer. They are currently running Fedora Core 3/2.6.12, and wants
to run either Suse 9.3 or Suse 10.

The filesystem served resides on an ext3 file system located on a LVM2
LV, with the volume group having two PVs. 

Are there anything special I need to think about when doing this? My
plan is something like this:

1) Make sure I have an updated copy of /etc/lvm available somewhere
2) Boot upp the installer for Suse and erase the partitions on the
   first physical disk (well, actually on the first hardware RAID unit) that
   are not used as a PV, and install Suse on that area of the disk. 

Hopefully, the suse partitioner will not do anything stupid with my
PVs, my VG or my LV. It's probably best to create a new VG for the
operating system, and then mount the old LV from the old VG once the
OS is in place.

Any comments/experience on this kind of operation? 

Erik Forsberg                OpenSource-based Thin Client Technology
Systems Analyst/Developer    Phone: +46-13-21 46 00    
Cendio AB    	             Web: http://www.cendio.com

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